Bespoke Electronics Design

We can help design an elegant electronics’ solution and provide working schematics and drawings for implementation. If you can imagine it, we can work alongside you to bring your ideas through design to life.

Contact us to discuss your problem or your imagined solution on info@newzealdesign.com

Get Your Technology Working

New Zeal Design helps customers, large and small to get back to work or to even start by fixing the communications’ technology that is so central to our modern business life.

We have recently fixed a spa pool company’s electronic design, created a solution for a major international consumer brand and an innovative apiarist business and built drone technology from the ground up.

We also, on occasion, fix small electronic items such as smartphones, Apple devices and tablets.

Based in Auckland, we are can fix your device via our courier drop service, no matter where you are based in the country.


How long will it take?

Good design takes time. We know you need it asap, and we will work hard to get it designed and up and running as soon as possible, but there are a few things we need to consider.

  • Will it need a replacement part (and do we have to order that part?)
  • Is it a fiddly job?
  • Will it take some time to repair properly so the problem won’t replicate?

We don’t want to just do a hasty job that will let you down within a month or even a few weeks. We prefer to take our time to ensure the job is done properly.

We use real parts and apply 25+ years electronic design experience to your design or repair.

Some designs or repairs are very quick, and others take a little longer. As your technology is pivotal to your work, home operations, networks or study, we make sure we get it right for you as quickly as it takes to do a good job. We will give you an estimate of timelines and milestones when we start working on your project.