Our Services


We can fix a range of devices from smartphones to large computer monitors. Our services range from the replacing smartphone screens to fixing work laptops.


What is Fast-Fix?

Fast-fix is a service that fixes your device as quickly as possible to deliver a fix that will stay fast. 

We know there’s no value to you in simply fixing your device quickly with a quick fix if that fix won’t last, and stay fast. We want to get you working again so our Fast-Fix service is a:

  • time-efficient
  • professional
  • lasting

fix for your device.

Working service


We can provide a handy pick up and drop off fixed service to your workplace. Perfect for large organisations, schools, workshops, or very busy workplaces this service can collect broken devices one week and return them fixed and ready to work, the following week.

Contact us if you would like to set up this service for your workplace.

We will make a time to meet your staff and collect up broken devices and arrange time to return them fixed, a week or two later.


Courier service

Simply send us a request to fix form (click here) and we will send you a courier pack for your broken device with instructions on how to securely send the device to us for fixing.


Personal service

If you are in the Auckland area you can drop off your device to one of our pick-up points near you. Click here for schedules of our personal pick-up service.


Please note we no longer offer pick-up and drop-off service at our home office. But we do offer a number of very convenient ways you can access our fast-fix service.